Sunday, April 26, 2015

Anne Curtis In Cosmopolitan Philippines April 2015

Anne Curtis In Cosmo 1
Anne Curtis In Cosmo 2
Filipina superstar Anne Curtis turned 30 early this year and she marked this milestone by showing off her insanely hot bod once again, thereby causing us to have another heart attack. We've said it before and we'll say it again, we'll gladly chop off our left nuts to spend even just one night with her. That's how much we love Anne!

Jasmine Curtis-Smith In Rogue April 2015

Jasmine Curtis-Smith In Rogue 1
Jasmine Curtis-Smith In Rogue 2
Jasmine Curtis-Smith In Rogue 3
Jasmine Curtis-Smith In Rogue 4
Charming Pinay-Aussie actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith shows us that she's all grown up now by doing her first photo shoot for a men's magazine. This smart and sexy young lady is on her way to becoming the next "Crush ng Bayan", just like her older sister Anne Curtis. We're pretty sure her name will start to appear on everyone's list of the country's hottest women from now on!

Patricia Javier In FHM Philippines April 2015

Patricia Javier In FHM 1
Patricia Javier In FHM 2
Patricia Javier In FHM 3
Patricia Javier In FHM 4
Patricia Javier In FHM 5
Patricia Javier In FHM 6
FHM puts another M.I.L.F. on the cover of their magazine, this time it's sexy Filipina movie star Patricia Javier who is back in the Philippines and staging a showbiz comeback. Patricia, together with her contemporaries Sunshine Cruz, Ina Raymundo, and Aubrey Miles, prove that mothers in their late 30's can still be this generation's sex symbols and look hotter than most girls half their age.
Let's turn back the clock and watch Patricia at her sexiest prime in the movies Gamitan, Ang Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero, Gusto Ko Nang Lumigaya, Asin At Paminta, and Unfaithful Wife 2.

Coleen Garcia In Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2015

Coleen Garcia In Cosmo
Lovely Filipina actress and TV host Coleen Garcia amazed us with her jaw-dropping figure after her sexy vacation photos went viral. Who would have thought that this cutie was hiding a body that was built for sex all this time. Now that her secret is out, every guy in town wants to bang her!

Nicole Alexandria In FHM Philippines March 2015

Nicole Alexandria In FHM Mar 2015
Sexy Pinay-Malaysian babe Nicole Alexandria is all tanned and topless in her latest spread for FHM magazine. This pretty young thing has a great body and she's putting it to good use. Her motto in life must be: if you got it, flaunt it!

Ashley Cayuca In FHM Philippines March 2015

Ashley Cayuca In FHM 1
Ashley Cayuca In FHM 2
Ashley Cayuca In FHM 3
Filipina fashion stylist Ashley Cayuca finally agreed to do a sexy photo shoot for a men's magazine, and we can't be more happier. She has a spectacular body that deserves to be seen and appreciated by more men other than her basketball player boyfriend. This girl is a real dime piece!

Max Collins In FHM Philippines March 2015

Max Collins In FHM 1
Max Collins In FHM 2
Max Collins In FHM 3
Pretty Filipina-American actress Max Collins tries to cool down this hot summer season by putting on some skimpy swimsuits and taking a dip in the swimming pool. However, her actions only turn up the heat even more, especially among the millions of horny Pinoy men drooling over her sexy body. Naughty girls like Max is the reason why summer is our favorite time of the year!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Aiko Climaco In FHM Philippines February 2015

Aiko Climaco In FHM Feb 2015 1
Aiko Climaco In FHM Feb 2015 2
Aiko Climaco In FHM Feb 2015 3
Aiko Climaco In FHM Feb 2015 4
Aiko Climaco In FHM Feb 2015 5
Filipina dancer, model, and actress Aiko Climaco can be best described in one word: PERFECT. She's beautiful, smart, talented, shy, funny, smoking hot, and owns the sexiest pair of legs in Philippine showbiz. In other words, she's our dream girl. We love you, Aiko!

Katrina Halili In FHM Philippines January 2015

Katrina Halili In FHM Jan 2015 1
Katrina Halili In FHM Jan 2015 2
Katrina Halili In FHM Jan 2015 3
Katrina Halili In FHM Jan 2015 4
After having her sex tape leaked and getting herself knocked up, controversial Filipina actress Katrina Halili wants the whole world to know that she's back on her feet by doing another sexy pictorial for FHM. We have to admit that she does look pretty hot these days, but she really needs to up the ante and get totally naked soon while she still got it. We would definitely pay good money to see her nude once again!

Rizza Diaz In FHM Singapore January 2015 And FHM Ladies Confessions 8

Rizza Diaz In FHM 1
Rizza Diaz In FHM 2
Rizza Diaz In FHM 3
Rizza Diaz In FHM 4
We are amazed by how much Filipina sportscaster Rizza Diaz has transformed through the years. No one could have guessed that the cute girl reporter we see on TV covering college sports from years back would turn into a sex kitten that we now see today. Her fuckability rating has gone from a 1 to a 10 and she should be very proud of that!

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Megan Young In Rogue December 2014

Megan Young In Rogue 2014 1
Megan Young In Rogue 2014 2
Megan Young In Rogue 2014 3
Megan Young In Rogue 2014 4
Now that her reign as Miss World has ended, gorgeous Filipina actress and beauty queen Megan Young is back doing sexy photo shoots for a men's magazine. We are once again privileged to see this amazing young woman flaunt her perfectly toned body for our viewing pleasure. She truly is a wonderful sight to behold!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 8

LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 1
LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 2
LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 3
Naughty Filipina actress LJ Reyes demonstrates how she serves desserts to her lover after a romantic dinner. There's no need for bowls or spoons because the lucky bastard gets to lick melted ice cream all over her naked body. The night usually ends with mind-blowing sex right on top of the dinner table. Don't you wish your girlfriend is as hot and wild as LJ?

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