Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 8

LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 1
LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 2
LJ Reyes In FHM Ladies Confessions 3
Naughty Filipina actress LJ Reyes demonstrates how she serves desserts to her lover after a romantic dinner. There's no need for bowls or spoons because the lucky bastard gets to lick melted ice cream all over her naked body. The night usually ends with mind-blowing sex right on top of the dinner table. Don't you wish your girlfriend is as hot and wild as LJ?

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Roxee B In FHM Philippines December 2014

Roxee B In FHM Gravure 1
Roxee B In FHM Gravure 2
Roxee B In FHM Gravure 3
Sexy singer and actress Roxee B puts on another cleavage show during her gravure-style pictorial for FHM magazine. We love how she keeps teasing us with her breasts these days, but sooner or later we will want to see those magnificent orbs in all their glory. She's already 29 years old, and those twins won't stay perky forever!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Andrea Torres In FHM Philippines December 2014

Andrea Torres In FHM 1
Andrea Torres In FHM 2
Andrea Torres In FHM 3
Andrea Torres In FHM 4
Busty, buxom, stacked, top-heavy, and well-endowed are some of the adjectives we can use to describe Filipina actress Andrea Torres. Her big boobs are her most prominent assets and we look forward to the day when she finally unleashes those puppies for the whole world to see. In the meantime, we'll just have to content ourselves with these views of her cleavage and some sideboob from her first men's magazine photo shoot. Let's hope we get to see her completely naked soon!
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Nicole Alexandria In FHM Singapore December 2014 And FHM Ladies Confessions 8

We can best describe Filipina-Malaysian model Nicole Alexandria as the sporty girl next door with an amazing body. We know very little about her other than she's a surfer, plays video games, and loves to eat jumbo hotdogs. Must be fun to hang out with a naughty girl like her!

Myrtle Sarrosa In FHM Philippines November 2014

Myrtle Sarrosa In FHM 1
Myrtle Sarrosa In FHM 2
Myrtle Sarrosa In FHM 3
When she's not busy being an actress, a singer, a VJ, and a college student, 20 year old Ilongga cutie Myrtle Sarrosa is also a cosplayer, which means she likes to dress up in sexy costumes. It's easy to see why boys are falling head over heels for this smart, sexy, and talented young girl. She is definitely girlfriend material!

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Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Singapore October 2014 And FHM Ladies Confessions 8

Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Singapore 1
Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Singapore 2
Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Singapore 3
Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Ladies Confessions 1
Divine Maitland-Smith In FHM Ladies Confessions 2
We find it hard to believe that Filipina-British reality show contestant Divine Maitland-Smith is a real lesbian. Most of the lesbians we know would punch us in the face and kick us in the nuts if they catch us staring at their boobs. Divine, on the other hand, seems to enjoy getting ogled by guys. Maybe there's still hope for horny men everywhere to score with this hot chick!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Diana Zubiri In FHM Philippines September 2014

Diana Zubiri In FHM September 2014 1
Diana Zubiri In FHM September 2014 2
Diana Zubiri In FHM September 2014 3
Popular Filipina sexy star Diana Zubiri made her legion of male admirers (ourselves included) very happy once again when she graced the pages of FHM magazine for the umpteenth time in 12 years. We've been waiting so long to find out if time and age have diminished her desirability. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!
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Roxee B In UNO Issue 94

Roxee B In Uno 1
Roxee B In Uno 2
Roxee B In Uno 3
Roxee B In Uno 4
After years of relative obscurity, Filipina singer and actress Roxee B (a.k.a. Roxanne Barcelo) has finally achieved some fame and success in showbiz, mainly because of her newfound willingness to go topless and show off those big bumps on her chest. Let this be a lesson to all struggling actresses, models, and singers out there: getting bigger boobs will always help your career. Who cares about talent, SHOW US THE BOOBIES!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Beauty Gonzalez In FHM Philippines August 2014

Beauty Gonzalez In FHM 1
Beauty Gonzalez In FHM 2
Beauty Gonzalez In FHM 3
Filipina actress Beauty Gonzalez raised plenty of eyebrows (and dicks) when she graced the pages of a men's magazine to show off her amazingly hot body. Her transformation from a cute teen during her days as a Big Brother housemate into a bonafide bombshell today was totally unexpected. We're surprised, but we're definitely not complaining!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Marian Rivera Is FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman For 2014

Marian Rivera In Cosmo
For the second year in a row, Marian Rivera emerged as the winner in FHM magazine's annual poll of the most bangable babes in the country. With your help, she just might make it a history-making three-peat next year!
The rest of the girls who made it to the top 100 are (2) Sam Pinto, (3) Angel Locsin, (4) Jennylyn Mercado, (5) Cristine Reyes, (6) Solenn Heussaff, (7) Alice Dixson, (8) Ellen Adarna, (9) Anne Curtis, (10) Jinri Park, (11) Heart Evangelista, (12) Valerie Garcia, (13) Jessy Mendiola, (14) Alodia Gosiengfiao, (15) Lovi Poe, (16) Jackie Rice, (17) Michelle Madrigal, (18) Kim Chiu, (19) LJ Reyes, (20) Meg Imperial, (21) Maja Salvador, (22) Ritz Azul, (23) Ehra Madrigal, (24) Aubrey Miles, (25) Jef Gaitan, (26) Ryza Cenon, (27) Diana Zubiri, (28) Yam Concepcion, (29) Sunshine Cruz, (30) Angelica Panganiban, (31) Katrina Halili, (32) Aiko Climaco, (33) Chloe Dauden, (34) Danita Paner, (35) Ornussa Cadness, (36) Jahziel Manabat, (37) Sunshine Garcia, (38) Abby Poblador, (39) Ashley Rivera, (40) Regine Angeles, (41) Bela Padilla, (42) Erika Padilla, (43) Arianny Celeste, (44) Rochelle Pangilinan, (45) Paulene So, (46) Daiana Menezes, (47) Andrea Torres, (48) Empress Shuck, (49) Megan Young, (50) Rufa Mae Quinto, (51) Kristel Moreno, (52) Jacq Yu, (53) KC Concepcion, (54) Erich Gonzales, (55) Karen Bordador, (56) Roxee B, (57) Eula Caballero, (58) Linda Persson, (59) Phoemela Baranda, (60) Danielle CastaƱo, (61) Bea Alonzo, (62) Sarah Geronimo, (63) Misa Campo, (64) Kaye Abad, (65) Carla Abellana, (66) Andi Eigenmann, (67) Christine Hallauer, (68) Sara Polverini, (69) Lhea Bernardino, (70) Rhian Ramos, (71) Angela Gabrielle, (72) Toni Gonzaga, (73) Julia Montes, (74) Aica Sy, (75) Georgina Wilson, (76) Bianca Peralta, (77) Shaina Magdayao, (78) Yassi Pressman, (79) Louise Delos Reyes, (80) Maica Palo, (81) Red Dela Cruz, (82) Gwen Garci, (83) Iza Calzado, (84) Sanya Smith, (85) Alex Moreno, (86) Kris Bernal, (87) Bianca King, (88) Nicole Alexandria, (89) Coleen Garcia, (90) Kristine Santamena, (91) Charm Dela Cruz, (92) Beauty Gonzales, (93) Glaiza De Castro, (94) Jade Lopez, (95) Ava Jugueta, (96) Danica Torres, (97) Rizza Diaz, (98) Paloma, (99) Sarah Gaugler, and (100) Gretchen Ho.

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Rochelle Pangilinan In FHM Philippines July 2014

Rochelle Pangilinan In FHM 1
Rochelle Pangilinan In FHM 2
Rochelle Pangilinan In FHM 3
Filipina actress and former Sex Bomb dancer Rochelle Pangilinan agreed to go completely naked during her first solo pictorial for FHM, provided they do not show her nipples and pekpek in the magazine. After all the celebrity nude photo leaks that happened this year, Rochelle must be praying to all the saints in heaven that the raw and unedited photos from her shoot never see the light of day. We, on the other hand, are praying for the exact opposite!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ellen Adarna In Preview June 2014

Ellen Adarna In Preview
Sexy actress Ellen Adarna is the subject of some of the best fap-worthy material that came out this year. Her leaked nude photos, sexy Youtube videos, and skin-baring magazine spreads like the one above have been responsible for the death of billions of sperm cells. We thank you for making our wishes come true, Miss Adarna!